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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners

Looking for the best Artificial Intelligence Books, are you ready to enhance your artificial intelligence Knowledge, artificial intelligence tutorials, AI tools, resources, and brief in-depth hacking information that will take your artificial intelligence experience to the Next Level.


Artificial intelligence has been the stuff of mad dreams, and sometimes nightmares, throughout our collective history.


Now AI is rapidly changing the way we live and do business, which leaves many business leaders feeling like they’re struggling to keep pace with developments.


Today we are going to discuss some Best artificial intelligence books to read for beginners and more experienced AI professionals and AI Experts.


We have shortlisted some of the highly recommended artificial intelligence books for beginners as well as artificial intelligence professionals.


1. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
2. Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners
3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
4. Python Machine Learning
5. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
6. Machine Learning by Tom M Mitchell
7. Robot Ethics – The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics
8. Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow
9. Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI
10. The Singularity is Near

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Best Hacking Books for Beginner in 2020



One of the most popular and most asked questions, is if I can recommend some good hacking books to read for beginners and more experienced hackers, Cybersecurity Experts, and penetration testers.


In this article, I want to highlight some hacking books and InfoSec books that I personally liked that cover subjects such as ethical hacking, penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and other InfoSec related subjects.


Now, this list doesn’t only contain Hacking Books that were released in 2020, but simply all the books worth mentioning as of this year. There are still some classics that will always be mentioned, even they haven’t been updated for years, they remain relevant. 


This article does not only contain the Best Hacking Books, but it is also a list of my personal favorite books. I personally own all of the books I recommend here.


All these books will help you to learn all the basic concepts of hacking, and not only that even there are many books that can help you to determine the unique idea of hacking.


As we all know very well that nowadays, Latest Tech Trends and hacking resources have been spread all over the world, especially among the youth.

Thus it becomes famous on the web, and therefore, it’s more helpful to read the books.


We can say that learning hacking, especially for beginners, these books are most useful and it’s the best way to learn it. Hacking can be either ethical or unethical, as it has both advantages and disadvantages.


Unethical hackers are also known as black hat hackers who generally exploit the vulnerability for personal gain.


Here is the list of best hacking books


1. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
2. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws
3. Kali Linux Revealed: Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution
4. Advanced Penetration Testing: Hacking the World’s Most Secure Networks
5. Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide
6. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing
7. The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing
8. Hash Crack: Password Cracking Manual
9. Red Team: How to Succeed By Thinking Like the Enemy
10. The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware

Best Cybersecurity books To Read



                                                  Image source: cyberatma


The cybersecurity industry and all of the threats and dangers that exist within it are all too real. That’s one reason why cybersecurity books make for some pretty interesting reading both in terms of academics and entertainment.


That’s because the best cybersecurity books are those that are written to inform as well as entertain. They hijack your attention as readily as a cyberattack and don’t let you go until you reach the back cover.


Good cybersecurity books share insights gained from real-world situations and examples that we can learn from as professionals. It’s the great ones that teach us what to look out for so that we’re prepared to prevent ourselves from falling prey to cybercriminals.


Cybersecurity is an obsessional thing. We always strive hard to get to know about the Latest Tech Trends and how they operate under the hood.


But what are considered the “best cybersecurity books” and why? This two-part question led me to reach out to seven IT and cybersecurity experts within the industry to inquire about their favorite books on cybersecurity and create a list of the “best cybersecurity books.” Wondering which titles made their lists?


1. The Social Engineer’s Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretexting
2. Hacking Exposed 7
3. Information Assurance Handbook: Effective Computer Security and Risk Management Strategies
4. Applied Network Security Monitoring: Collection, Detection, and Analysis
5. Security Metrics, A Beginner’s Guide
6. The Practice of Network Security Monitoring: Understanding Incident Detection and Response
7. Network Security Assessment: Know Your Network
8. Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online
9. Crafting the InfoSec Playbook
10. Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to


Source: http://www.zerosuniverse.com/best-cybersecurity-books